Welcome to Gamble Martin Photography!!  We specialize in natural light photography and love the look and feel that it gives to our portraits.  We are passionate about making every client look and feel fabulous and that is why professional hair and makeup is included in all of our senior girls sessions and women's portrait sessions!!  Call or email us for info on our graduate and women's portrait sessions or to book your appointment. 

call: 601-728-7470 ro email me at: gamblemartin@gmail.com


Y’all I seriously have THE MOST GORGEOUS clients! So blessed to get to work with all these amazing young people!!! Loved my time with Annabelle and her parents! This was a super special time for this crew and I am so glad that I got to be a part of it!


Always a fun time with the Boyd crew! Loved working with and getting to know this super gorgeous gal :)) Looking forward to shooting that fabulous twin of yours in a few months!!

It’s Just Me

Nothing super exciting here :)) Just wanted to do some test shots of my new purple backdrop color! Putting myself on the other side of the camera is a great reminder of how vulnerable we feel in front of the camera and how important trust is between a client and a photographer. I also rarely take the time to photograph myself and I of all people know that children always need pics of their mamas!!! My hair is messy… Yes I am wearing jeans and No I didn’t have time to put on false lashes but hey..remember these are test shots y’all!! Just be thanking the Lord above that I put on a full face of makeup lol!! xoxo-Gamble


Such a pleasure to meet and work with this beauty! She was such a trooper despite the cold. Luckily we had some pretty great places to shoot without having to endure too much of the cold weather 😉 As you can tell I am smitten with the images of her in the blue gown!! Oxford will be blessed to have this young lady join them in the fall and I hope to see her in the future Parade of Beauties :)))